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Who wants the stress and headache of Flat pack furniture assembly?

Connect A to B , push screw in to flange.....Sound familiar?

Fixit specialise in Flatpack Assembly and all the related services you would expect from the market leader in this field.



You don't buy a piece of flat pack furniture for it to become chipped or broken on it's first day out of the box? Or to drill a hole just where you and every one else will see the damage. Three hours and Fourteen coffees for a cupboard to store the coffee? is it worth it? That's why your checking the site out.

We realise it's not just about the flat pack installation its the finished product! Not one other site or installer looks to the end result and what it means to you!

That's what service should mean in a world where skilled craftsmen and artisans are becoming forgotten.

Fixit wants to be your flat pack assembler and installer to continue this legacy.

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